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We are a brand with the Moto freedom can not be given but only taken.

Take back your freedom

Freedom of expression    Freedom of creativity    Freedom of imagination

Freedom of love                Freedom of laughter    Freedom to be you.

                                     Welcome to the movement.


DropTop Hatz is a line of baseball caps designed to be worn by people with big hair, such as those with locs, Afros, Hair buns, etc. The caps feature a special design that allows the hair to be worn freely, while still maintaining the style and convenience of a traditional baseball cap. This innovative solution came about when the creator Brian Fountain Murray, who has always been a fan of hats, began wearing growing his locs again and found that traditional baseball caps were uncomfortable and difficult to put on. 

From Brian:

"Having hair the reaches for the sun hat options begin to narrow. In the summer is 2021 I wanted to wear a cap but found my locked hair made a hat like that extremely uncomfortable and difficult to put on. That’s when the idea hit me what if there was a way to free my hair and still enjoy the function and convince of a baseball cap. I began some experimenting  with how to make it possible, I didn’t want a visor but a cap. The final product was a magical blend of fashion and function. Keeping the integrity of the baseball cap style while allowing a person with big hair the freedom to let it all hang out. Welcome to the world of DropTop Hatz!"

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